Mills on the Maelbeek: covid proof

In Grimbergen there are four well-preserved watermills on the Maelbeek: 's Gravenmolen, Liermolen, Tommenmolen and Oyenbrugmolen. The landscape of the Maelbeek Valley was entirely defined and created by these water mills. Around these mills there were lots of human interventions, which in turn influenced the valley upstream and downstream. For example, the Maelbeek was once redirected higher up the valley, to obtain a higher river gradient and more power to drive the giant water wheels.

What to expect of this walk

An experienced guide will meet you at the parking lot of the Lintbos (entrance Poddegemstraat). 

Together you walk along the Liermolen, the Tommenmolen and the Oyenbrugmolen, all of them 17th century grain mills with each a different story. One has been restored into a working mill, another will be used to generate renewable energy. Your guide will reflect on the 'water mill landscape' and how these mills have determined the landscape. 

This walk provides some beautiful views over the Grimbergen country side. Also part of the experience are the WWII Grimbergen airport with its compass base and uniquely designed airplane hangars and monuments like the Charleroyhoeve, the Poddegemhof... 

The walking tour ends where you started, at the parking lot of the Lintbos.



Guided walk

Groups of close social contact (max. 10)
60 euros
Each day at 10h, 14h and 17h on reservation
Meeting at the parking Lintbos (street: Diegemput, via Poddegemstraat)

Please book and pay at the MOT: tel. +32 2 270 81 11 –
General booking conditions