The Play Attic

Woody the Woodworm takes you on a journey to the wonderful world of wood.

In the Play Attic, discover in fun activities how hard wood is, what a tree looks like on the inside and what it’s made of. Unleash your inner architect and build the tallest tower, or become a wood musician and make your own music.

The accompanying adult can download the information booklet containing explanations of the various things to do and useful background information. For second- and third-stage pupils, the teaching material on wood can also be consulted.

A visit to the Play Attic can be combined with treasure-hunting with Molly the moth. This also makes a great activity for a birthday party.


For whom
Families with children and schools are welcome.
Up to twelve participants aged three to twelve years at a time.

Also suitable for birthday parties at the weekend, on Wednesday afternoons or on other weekdays during the school holidays.

About 1 hour
Included in the admission charge
These are provided by the teacher or accompanying adult Where the MOT, Location Guldendal - Guldendal 20, 1850 Grimbergen Entry Tel. +32 2 270 81 11 – General booking conditionsFamilies are not required to register in advance for the Play Attic. Just show up!