Archaeology days

2021 - How to build like before using straw, wood and hand tools

A day to rediscover some ancient building techniques. We built a life size sheepfold that will be used as a nativity scene next year. Our carpenters and thatcher demonstrated their skills on working wood and straw by using hand tools only. Children helped cutting logs to length and threshing grain so that the thatcher had enough straw for the roof.


2020 - Building scaffolding around our castle

Wooden scaffolding was to be found at every medieval construction site. A lot of knowledge and experience was needed to make a sturdy and safe construction. Once the scaffolding completed, heavy stone blocks could be moved and lifted, to build cross rib vaults among other things. Two MOT employees guided us trough the process of building wooden scaffolding and some other medieval construction techniques. Scouting Grimbergen teached us to lash a wooden ladder.