Bos Op Stelten

"Forest in an uproar" is a scintillating family festival in and around the Prinsenbos, for families with children aged 3 to 12 years. There are magical performances in the open air, numerous activities for all ages and lots of creative workshops.

2019: Special forest creatures

Baking forest troll cookies at the Prinsenkasteel at the sound of the blacksmith's hammer. Photo report by Ben Van den Bempt.

2018: Magical mysteries

Of course, you can make fire without matches! Our blacksmith forges a fire striker, once an indispensable tool for making fire.

2017: Curious creatures

Making scarecrows and enjoying a demonstration of 'dragon forging'.

2016: Hidden treasures

Making an edible treasure chest full of golden coins.

Photos by Sophie Nuytten and Bart Moens.

2015: Fairy tales

Homemade cookies out of the witches oven.

Photos by Sophie Nuytten.