Please touch!

‘Hands off, this is a museum!’ is something you sometimes hear – but not at the MOT, because we are a genuine hands-on museum!

Wherever you see the sticker with the green hand, you can get stuck in:

The Play Attic
Woody the Woodworm takes you on a journey to the wonderful world of wood

In the children's exhibition The blacksmith, master of iron and fire
Here you can discover metal in all its forms. Did you know that metal has been a part of our lives since prehistoric times?

In the interactive exhibition Strong women, clean clothes
Sort the laundry and experience for yourself how hard it is to fish your clothes out of the boiling water! Tis exhibition is an entertaining way to find out about the history of clothes-washing

In the exhibition Woodworking
Look for our activity boxes and find out what it's like to be a carpentar or a wheelwright. Discover how a spirit level works and see if you can put togheter a wheel or a barrel

Cosy activity corner in the exhibition Woodworking
In the Woodworking exhibition is also a cosy activity corner on blacksmiths’ touchmarks – the markings on a tool that refer to the maker. Take a closer look at some of these marks, identify the depicted animals and make rubbings of them


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