Documentary - How to build a bread oven?

This documentary is a step-by-step practical guide for building a traditional brick bread oven. Watching these episodes, you can start building your own woodfired oven to bake proper bread the way our grandparents used to. English subtitles are being made and will be added shortly.

There are 5 episodes and 3 extra films.

Trailer documentary 'How to build a bread oven?'

Episode 1. Building the oven front

Episode 2. Laying the oven floor and connecting it to the vault

Episode 3. Building the dome vault
Episode 4. Building the retaining walls, anchors, loam coating and chimney

Episode 5. Firing a bread oven
This episode is not online yet

Extra 1. The oven builders present themselves
Extra 2. Different bricks to use
Extra 3. Forging the oven door hinges