Inventory bread ovens

The MOT offers an inventory of both surviving and sadly already wrecked bread ovens, and even new ones. This list can be updated with your help.

Do you know a bread oven somewhere, or do you know someone who has restored or constructed one? Please send us the address and pictures to

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Corsendonk 7, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
Cootveld 16, Lochristi, Belgium
Cleydaellaan 36, Aartselaar, Belgium
Consciencestraat 10, Torhout, Belgium
d'Oyestraat 16, Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Dadizelestraat 4, Wervik, Belgium
Daalmstraat 22, Zomergem, Belgium
Desselgemseweg 229, Waregem, Belgium
Desselgemknokstraat 10, Deerlijk, Belgium
Desselgemseweg 84-86, Waregem, Belgium
Diepestraat 1, Merelbeke, Belgium
Diepestraat 6, Ardooie, Belgium
Diepestraat 36, Lede, Belgium
Dhoye 22, Deinze, Belgium
Donkereweg 24, Ranst, Belgium
Donkerstraat 40, Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Donkerstraat 46, Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Donkerstraat 2, Destelbergen, Belgium
Donkerstraat 42, Geraardsbergen, Belgium
Donkerstraat 21, Lennik, Belgium
Donkerstraat 9, Vleteren, Belgium
Donkeindeweg z.n., Zonhoven, Belgium
Doornstraat 11, Kontich, Belgium
Dorfstraße 36, Waldfeucht, Germany
Doornstraat 19-21, Damme, Belgium
Dorp 28, Zandhoven, Belgium
Dorp z.n., Oudenaarde, Belgium
Driesstraat 24, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Dries 2, Buggenhout, Belgium
Driespad 3, Glabbeek, Belgium
Drieselstraat 31, Gent, Belgium
Dries 31, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
Dries 18, Destelbergen, Belgium
Driessraat 5, Grimbergen, Belgium
Driesheide 7, Zoersel, Belgium
Dries 13, Aalter, Belgium
Driestenbroekestraat 31, Brakel, Belgium
Driestenbroekestraat 24, Brakel, Belgium
Driesstraat 26, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Drijpikkelstraat 21, Grimbergen, Belgium
Driesstraat 32, Kluisbergen, Belgium
Driesstraat 9, Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Driestenbroekestraat 46, Brakel, Belgium
Driehoekstraat 25, Kalmthout, Belgium
Dreefstraat z.n., Kortrijk, Belgium
Drooghout 3, Oosterzele, Belgium
Drieshoek 1, Harelbeke, Belgium
Fruithoflaan (kasteel Fruithof) 21, Boechout, Belgium
Gaasbeeksesteenweg 161, Halle, Belgium
Gageldonksepad 1, Prinsenbeek, Netherlands