Inventory bread ovens

The MOT offers an inventory of both surviving and sadly already wrecked bread ovens, and even new ones. This list can be updated with your help.

Do you know a bread oven somewhere, or do you know someone who has restored or constructed one? Please send us the address and pictures to

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Souvigné, France
Soetestraat 3, Staden, Belgium
Stedestraat 71, Zwevegem, Belgium
Stavelestraat 12, Alveringem, Belgium
Steenakkerstraat 6, Tielt, Belgium
Stationstraat 2, Oudenburg, Belgium
St-Katarinastraat z.n., Machelen, Belgium
Steenakkerstraat 15, Destelbergen, Belgium
Steenakkerstraat 2, Ieper, Belgium
Stationsweg 45,49, Brugge, Belgium
Steenbeek 48, Berlaar, Belgium
St. Antoniusweg 137, Pelt, Belgium
Steenhofstraat 35, Kortenberg, Belgium
Steenbergen, Glabbeek, Belgium
Steenkaai 85, Brugge, Belgium
Steenberg 32, Hasselt, Belgium
Steenbeek 7, Berlaar, Belgium
Steenberg 56, Hasselt, Belgium
Steenweg op Zondereigen (Station Weelde-Merksplas) 19, Turnhout, Belgium
Stationstraat 49, Tervuren, Belgium
Steenweg op Wortel 43, Merksplas, Belgium
Steenbruggestraat 14, Harelbeke, Belgium
Steenweg 48, Lierde, Belgium
Steenweg op Sevendonk 28, Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
Steenweg op Diest 74, Turnhout, Belgium
Steenweg Deinze 181, Nazareth, Belgium
Steenweg 76, Zwalm, Belgium
Stokstraat 8, Kruishoutem, Belgium
Steenwinkelstraat 499, Schelle, Belgium
Stoofstraat 1, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Stokhovestraat 28, Oostkamp, Belgium
Stokstraat 3, Wervik, Belgium
Stombaershoek 14, Lier, Belgium
Stokstraat 6, Kruisem, Belgium
Stroobantsstraat 79, Huldenberg, Belgium
Strijpenseweg 6, Prinsenbeek, Netherlands
Stroombeekstraat 4, Langemark-Poelkapelle, Belgium
Stuivenberg 9, Bonheiden, Belgium
Stuivenberg 22, Lierde, Belgium
Stratenmolenstraat 1, Ardooie, Belgium
Strijdlandstraat 4, Merchtem, Belgium
Tenhole 3, Maarkedal, Belgium
Tenhole 1, Maarkedal, Belgium
Tabakstraat 2, Deinze, Belgium
Ten Edestraat 14, Nazareth, Belgium
Tenberge 3, Oudenaarde, Belgium
Terheidse Hoek 35, Holsbeek, Belgium
Terheidedreef 1-7, Diksmuide, Belgium
Terheugenstraat 29, Pepingen, Belgium
Terheugenstraat 23, Pepingen, Belgium