Inventory bread ovens

The MOT offers an inventory of both surviving and sadly already wrecked bread ovens, and even new ones. This list can be updated with your help.

Do you know a bread oven somewhere, or do you know someone who has restored or constructed one? Please send us the address and pictures to

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Paradijs 1, Olen, Belgium
Pappotstraat 2, Ieper, Belgium
Pappotstraat z.n., Ieper, Belgium
Peerdekouterstraat 11, Wortegem-Petegem, Belgium
Paviljoenstraat 14, Geel, Belgium
Peerderbaan 74, Oudsbergen, Belgium
Pauwelsdreef 11, Stabroek, Belgium
Patersonstraat 100, Oostkamp, Belgium
Pastorijstraat 30-32 Peer, Belgium
Peene 42, Wachtebeke, Belgium
Pluisstraat 16, Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Plassendalesteenweg 4, Bredene, Belgium
Plasstraat z.n., Meise, Belgium
Pierstraat 76, Kontich, Belgium
Plattebeursstraat 5, Pittem, Belgium
Plankenstraat 7, Dilbeek, Belgium
Pottenberg 12, Brakel, Belgium
Popstaelstraat 72, Jabbeke, Belgium
Pollaertstraat 5, Kortemark, Belgium
Poperingseweg 412, Ieper, Belgium
Poperingseweg 500, Ieper, Belgium
Pontweg 54, Gavere, Belgium
Puttensdreef 16, Pittem, Belgium
Puymoortelstraat 18, Dentergem, Belgium
Provinciebaan 11, Koekelare, Belgium
Puntweg 3, Destelbergen, Belgium
Provinciebaan 59, Staden, Belgium
Puitstraat 2, Moorslede, Belgium
Putberg 96, Asse, Belgium
Rattepas 22, Oosterzele, Belgium
Rapertingenstraat 11-11A, Hasselt, Belgium
Rameyenstraat 7, Berlaar, Belgium
Ravestraat 3, Moorslede, Belgium
Ravestraat 24, Ieper, Belgium
Ratelingestraat 26, Wingene, Belgium
Rasbeekstraat 10, Herne, Belgium
Rechtstraat 193, Lochristi, Belgium
Rechtstraat 178, Lochristi, Belgium
Ravenbosstraat 22, Oostkamp, Belgium
Regentwijk 80-82, Gingelom, Belgium
Reigerlostraat 27, Beernem, Belgium
Ravenbosstraat 10, Oostkamp, Belgium
Reibroekstraat 88, Deinze, Belgium
Rooiveldstraat 62-64, Oostkamp, Belgium
Ronsestraat 265, Brakel, Belgium
Ronsestraat 10, Maarkedal, Belgium
Ronsevaalstraat 33, Aalst, Belgium
Rooiplein 6, Antwerpen, Belgium
Rue de l'Auberge 10, Doische, Belgium
Rue de la Source 16, Jodoigne, Belgium