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Wielewaalstraat 20, Pittem, Belgium
Wezelhoevenweg 46, Mol, Belgium
Westveldstraat 1, Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium
Hog ring pliers
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Chauffage Schaerer. Chauffage par thermo-siphon à circulation accélérée
Capsule stamping tool
This tool places a capsule - i.e. a metal cap with pegs at the bottom (1) - over the spigot of a wine barrel, so that it is sealed and ready for transport. The tool is knocked with a hammer and the capsule is driven into the wine barrel. (1) The capsule can be marked with the mark (number) of the seller or with motifs related to wine growing such as a bunch of grapes. Yellow capsules are used for white wine, while red capsules are used for red wine (BRUNET 1925: 262).
J.-B. Tibaut-Desimpelaere. R.&A. Tibaut. Opticiens, constructeurs d'instruments de précision
Leuvensesteenweg 55, Tielt-Winge, Belgium
Inventory bread ovens
Zemstweg 5, Grimbergen, Belgium
This is probably the first question anyone (amateur or specialist) asks himself when being confronted with an unknown object. The shape of the object is often the only lead you have to find out more about it. There are virtually no means to systematically help you identify the object. That is why the Museum for Old Techniques has been working on a database system named ID-DOC since 2000. ID-DOC is an on line aid to help you with the identification of unknown technical objects, i.e. hand tools. The database is being continiously updated, corrected and adjusted. For the time being you can find a complete version of ID-DOC on the dutch MOT-site, the english and the french version are still "work in progress". Any comments or suggestions? Please send them to Read more about identifying technical objects (nl).