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Cordemans: Louis Cordemans
Deloge: A. Deloge
Céruse des Flandres
Céruse des Flandres. Succr. de Jenart-Lagae. Usines à Heule-lez-Courtrai. Monsieur Rossey-Devos, timmerman-aannemer Krombeke
Slijp-Doe voor messen
De producten gemerkt Eternit EB zijn herkomstig van de Eternit fabrieken. Zij zijn van een onberispelijke hoedanigheid! Kentekens en verscheidene toepassingen
Eternit N.V. E.B. 43 Vooruitgang. Buizen voor gebouwen en hunne hulpstukken
Valcke gebroeders
Creating a design
Timber framing
Timber framing on film Are you interested in the technology of building half-timbered structures and do you want to get started yourself? Then you're at the right place! The MOT has a long history of documenting and passing on knowledge about half-timbered construction. We work together with experienced professionals who have completed a master-apprentice program with us. We also teach half-timbering to others. Since 2017 we have been offering a half-timbering internship for adults, where participants work on a real construction. Our internship was recognized as one of the inspiring examples for safeguarding intangible heritage in Flanders.  The interest in half-timberwork is clearly great and so is the demand for information. That is why the MOT decided to digitally register our own half-timbered construction projects. In this online guide we document on film step by step how half-timbered buildings are constructed in the traditional way, using only hand tools. This project is financially...