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Ernest Burberg. Katalog von Gebrüder Burberg in Mettmann Rheinland über Zerkleinerungs-Maschinen, Mischapparate, Knetmaschinen, Schlämm- Sieb- Transport- Förder- Press- u. Trockenvorrichtungen für sämmtliche Materialien
Louis Pouthier. Produits alimentaires Felix Potin
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Forge marks in Belgium: search by letter translation under construction Op een werktuig kan je letters, cijfers en/of figuren aantreffen. Hier kan gezocht worden op woorden of delen van woorden zoals ze op het voorwerp aangebracht zijn.
Broeck 22, Bever, Belgium
Slater's stake
The slater's stake is a tool for cutting slates to size. It has a sharp straight edge at the top and a sharp point at the bottom that can be hammered into the roof boarding. The slate is placed on the sharp top and cut off with the roofer's hammer. There are different models: round, triangular, rectangular, straight, curved. The straight models are made entirely of metal and have no handle, while the triangular models have a wooden handle. [MOT]
Stonemason's gouge
The stonemason's gouge is a metal chisel with single cutting edge and curved blade to carve rounded surfaces or details in stone. Similar to the carpenter’s carving gouge. [MOT]
Stonemason's scraping iron
This scraping iron of a stonemason is a metal scraper with two curved ends to smooth away the chisel and gouge marks in soft and semi-soft stone types. This tool is to be distinguised from these ornamental tools of the plasterer. [MOT]
Clinker tongs
This text can only be consulted in Dutch <>
Edmond Briots & Cie. Département de la ferblanterie et tôlerie industrielle. Prix courant (1er janvier 1909)
Maison Xavier Faguer. Jos Marchal. La machine à écrire "Continental" est yn decor pour chaque bureau
Maison Xavier Faguer. Jos Marchal. La machine à écrire "Continental" est un decor pour chaque bureau