Artists at the MOT

In the 19th and 20th centuries, many painters took to the outdoors with their easel to immortalize landscapes and buildings on canvas. Grimbergen was very accessible to painters and tourists from Brussels: there was a good tram connection, there were numerous inns and they found the peace that they lacked in the city. From this period dates a rich collection of Grimberg landscape paintings. You can read about them in the book "Grimbergen in de kunst" (1992).

The municipality of Grimbergen owns many paintings that depict the Grimbergen landscape and its architectural heritage. Others can be found in private collections. Various reproductions of these paintings were exhibited in the Oyenbrugmolen in the summer of 2018. A year later, paintings of the Prince's Castle were exhibited in the keep. This was the reason for the MOT to photograph those works of art on which the buildings of the museum are depicted. After all, they do not only have an art value, but also a great documentary value. For example, one of the paintings shows the wooden water wheel and the original locks on the Liermolen mill and on another painting the original half-timbered barn at the Tommenmolen mill that has been demolished. The MOT's volunteer photographer took these photographs, which are digitally exhibited here.

De vzw Kunstdorp Grimbergen inventariseert en ontsluit sinds 2021 alle schilderijen die het landschap en erfgoed van Grimbergen afbeelden via tijdelijke tentoonstellingen en ook online. Hieronder alvast een selectie van onze gebouwen.

Stanislas Warnie, Het Prinsenkasteel

Stanislas Warnie (1878-1958) , Het Prinsenkasteel
Stanislas Warnie (1879-1958) aquarel, Het Prinsenkasteel
A. Tellier, De Tommenmolen
Schel, De Tommenmolen
Ernest Betigny, De Tommenmolen
Ernest Betigny (1871-1960), Bij de Tommenmolen
Ernest Betigny (1871-1960), Veldarbeid
Victor Wagenmaekers (1876-1953), De Liermolen

Jef Clerens (1875), De Liermolen
Victor Fermeuse (1894-1963), De liermolen in 1928
Pol Craps, De Liermolen
Victor Wagemans, De Liermolen
Jules Rambo (1896-1973), De Liermolen
Pol Craps (1877-1931), Moulin den Rykenhoek, Grimbergen