Project Bulskampveld

Registration and rating of the artisan subcollection in Bulskampveld

In 2015-2016 the MOT worked together with the province of West Flanders on the registration of the artisan part of the collection in Bulskampveld. The province called upon the MOT’s expertise for the scientific identification of the extensive collection of tools. The collection had not yet been thoroughly registered and was mostly unavailable for the general public. Every object was photographed, measured and entered into the database by the provincial collectionregistrator. Based on that information, the MOT was able to provide the identification, the description, the rating and an announcement of the object on

Approximately 6700 objects were registered during the project, making up about 80 percent of the entire collection. Each object was given an extensive description of its shape, function and use. The objects belong to 55 different trades, which illustrates how varied and extensive the collection of hand tools and technical equipment is. Based on the equipment for each trade a scientific rating was given on the level of the subcollection, based on criteria such as physical condition, intrinsic added value and amenity value. Moreover, detailed information is now available with regard to the future management of the collection.

Generally speaking, this technical subcollection is complete and in good condition. Besides hand tools it also contains measuring instruments, harnesses, furniture and machines. The subcollections lath maker, harness maker, shoeing-smith, pump maker and wheelwright are worth mentioning in particular. The extensive and complete equipment of local wheelwrights illustrates the regional importance of the manufacturing of carts and wagons. A representative selection of approximately 1250 objects with their picture and a description can now be consulted online on More information about the project can be found in the final report (only Dutch-speaking).