2019: How do you do?

This year was all about wood: clogs were being made, wood was being turned, logs were sawn... The tree trunks for the wooden pump were transported by horse cart to the Tommenmolen. There was a guided tour around our axe collection and the fittest could compete in the Olympic Clog Games.

2015: Transportation

That day you could admire the rich heritage of carts and wagons from the collection of the MOT, you could ride along in a horse and carriage and discover how the miller transported hundreds of kilos of corn and flower.

2014: Limitless

Is it soup or is it porridge? Everyday food around the world.

Potato, maize, manioc, rice … everywhere around the world people use those plants as a base for their food. With limitless ingenuity we nearly always succeed in getting our everyday food together.

You could assist in fun workshops and discover the world collection of the MOT.