Bakehouse restoration at the Liermolen

The bread oven in this bakehouse has been used intensively by the MOT for 30 years during the Bread-workshops, Bake-workshops and other activities. It was rebuilt in the 1980s, but not in the way we would have liked it. Now that the time has come to renew it, we want to adjust it to our exacting plans. There will be no changes to the outside of the building, only the oven part is renewed.

Master-apprentice trajectory

Our oven builder has lots of knowledge and skills, and his craftsmanship is a form of intangible cultural heritage. In order not to lose this, the Flemish government awards scholarships to pass on that knowledge in a master-apprentice trajectory. Master Gerrit van den Dries and students Ante, Koen and Mathijs achieved such a grant. The master will pass on his knowledge of bread oven construction (and later also half-timbered building) to his students. The MOT supports this trajectory, by acting as a host for their building projects. Soon the museum will have a perfectly working bread oven. A win-win situation!

Bakehouse closed briefly...

Until the end of 2019 it's no longer possible to bake in this bread oven and therefore the MOT has to cancel all Bread-workshops. This long period is necessary to allow the clay to dry with which the oven is built.


Visit the restoration site during Open Monument Day on Sunday 8 September 2019. A heritage worker from the province of Flemish Brabant will be present that day to give you his expert information.

Do you have old pictures of this bakehouse?

Unfortunately, the MOT does not have historic photos of in or around the bakehouse. Do you still have pictures of the surroundings of the Liermolen, where the bakehouse can be seen? Or from within? Then we would like to make a scan of it! Call us (02 270 81 11), send us an email ( or drop in (Guldendal 20, Grimbergen).

Master Gerrit (top middle) with his students Mathijs, Ante and Koen