General booking conditions

In general

  • Your telephone number and e-mail address will only be used in the context of the activity for which you registered, unless you indicated that you wish to receive the newsletter
  • We may take photos during your visit or activity. We use them for promotional purposes (website, Facebook, flyer, etc.). Do you feel uncomfortable? Report it to our photographer
  • If the museum is unable to offer the activity due to force majeure (e.g. teacher illness), we will refund the amount paid.
  • Please refer to Privacy Policy and Data Processing
School visit
  • No refund is possible
  • Notify us by phone if you will be late
Workshops, events and activities

f.e. Does and Zomeren in het MOT

  • No refund is possible; in case of cancellation you can arrange a replacement yourself; notify the MOT if you will not be present or if someone replaces you
  • Notify us by phone if you will be late


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