Met hart en ziel - 2023

For the time being, this activity is only offered in Dutch.


 Sunday 10 september 2023
 the MOT, Location Guldendal - Guldendal 20, 1850 Grimbergen
Tel. +32 2 270 81 11 -

2022 - Monumental Mills | Liermolen and Tommenmolen

Water, the only power force of both mills, carried the self-made rafts from one watermill to the other. Along the way you could get more information about our fight against the ongoing desiccation of the valley. Arriving at the Tommenmolen mill, there was a demonstration of our thatcher at work on the roof of the half-timbered barn.The activities for children were supervised by JNM Noordwest-Brabant, the adventurous partner of the MOT.

2021 - Open heritage: the Liermolen throws all doors open

We held an open door at the Liermolen and showed off even the smallest of rooms. The Liermolen has been recognised as 'open heritage' because it is permanently open to the public in a way that is pleasant and allows everyone to enjoy it. During Open Monument Day we showed what has been achieved in recent years and gave a word about our future plans.

2020 - Scaffolding and stone

In 2020 the exhibition Scaffolding and stone opened. During Open Monument Day, visitors received a word of explanation from the museum employees. A stonemason demonstrated how to cut straight building blocks from rough chunks of natural stone and told extensively about the various operations, tools and finishes.

2019 - Discover the water-mill landscapes of Grimbergen

The many stops along the walking and cycling tour through the Maalbeek valley provided information, demos and activities about the interaction between the water mills, nature and the landscape.  

2018 - a new life for the timber framed barn

The Tommenmolen barn comes from another site in Grimbergen and was moved to Tommenmolen around 1980. For years, it served as an exhibition space. It was recently emptied to make room for demonstrations, workshops and other activities. On Open Monument Day, we told the story of this barn and the half-timbering technique it is built in. The children tried their hand at wattle and daub.

2017 - Grimbergen, NATUURLIJK (erf)GOED!

Heritage and nature go hand in hand in Grimbergen. A medieval mote that is taken over by nature, a castle where only the trees remaine, water mills on the Maalbeek that shape the landscape, a timberframed beehive shelter in the making, a newly restored wood fired bake oven...

2016 - Grimbergen from moat to donjon

Grimbergen, from moat to donjon. The moat in the Borgt and the castle in the Prinsenbos… two monuments who embody the rich, yet eventful past of Grimbergen.

The castle is under construction and the work men are at sixes and sevens!

  • The donjon, a fortified tower, is opened exclusively.
  • Together with the stonemason you'll cut bricks out of blocks of natural stone to build the castle.
  • Move a stone of more than a thousand kilos with your own muscle.
  • The blacksmiths of the MOT will forge the necessary nails.

2001 - Raw material, food for thought - Metal

As part of the Open Monument day with the theme metal, the MOT presented a steal chart of known, and especially lesser known metal trades. Several enthusiastic craftsmen demonstrated what can be, and was made with metal.