New! MOT & GO

The DIY store for motors and power transmission

Not a real shop of course, but a brand new active exhibition where you can learn more about the mechanical transmission of energy with the help of museum objects, images, films and practical tests. It's not by accident that MOT & GO is located in a water mill, the Tommenmolen is the ideal framework to learn about motors and transmissions. Where else can you see such impressive transmissions? 

With a smartphone or tablet you scan labels with assignments and solutions. You create a timeline with paint cans. Go shopping in the inclined plane, levers and wheel and axle sections, with shop racks full of all-new tools and old collection pieces complementing each other nicely. An unprecedented and novel exhibition that makes you experience technology in a different way...

For groups there are guided tours available.


From april to September in weekends and on holidays from 14h to 18h. 
Prepare your visit by downloading the ErfgoedApp on your smartphone and scan the QR-code. MOT-tablets are available on demand.
The MOT, location Tommenmolen - Tommenmolenstraat 18, 1850 Grimbergen
Tel. +32 2 270 81 11 –