Inventory bread ovens

The MOT offers an inventory of both surviving and sadly already wrecked bread ovens, and even new ones. This list can be updated with your help.

Do you know a bread oven somewhere, or do you know someone who has restored or constructed one? Please send us the address and pictures to

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Dorpsweg 136, Steenbergen, Netherlands
Dorpsstraat 38, Kortenaken, Belgium
Dorpsstraat z.n., Kortenaken, Belgium
Dorpsstraat 92, Kortenaken, Belgium
Dorpsstraat 32, 32A-D, Gooik, Belgium
Dorpsplein 3, Lendelede, Belgium
Dorpsdijk 7, Rhoon, Netherlands
Dorp 8, Kortenaken, Belgium
Dorp 51, Opwijk, Belgium
Dorp 4, Kortenaken, Belgium
Doornstraat 2, Wingene, Belgium
Waaiberg 1A, Kasterlee, Belgium
Doorn 17, Kruibeke, Belgium
Donklaan 245, Berlare, Belgium
Donkelstraat 10, Kortenaken, Belgium
Dongelstraat 36, Nijlen, Belgium
Haanwijk 1, Sint-Michielsgestel, Netherlands
Doddelbergstraat 22, Kortenaken, Belgium
Doddelbergstraat 16, Kortenaken, Belgium
(Dobbelhoeve), Nijlen, Belgium
Diksmuidse Heirweg 1, Zedelgem, Belgium
Diggieweg 14, Brakel, Belgium
Diestersteenweg 205, Hasselt, Belgium
Diepestraat 15, Merelbeke, Belgium
Deurnevoetweg 9, Schoten, Belgium
Derde Sas 9, Grobbendonk, Belgium
Den Daele 10, Horebeke, Belgium
della Failledreef 32, Deinze, Belgium
Delestraat 17, Erpe-Mere, Belgium
Deerlijkstraat 123, Zwevegem Belgium
de Trannoyplein 26, Westerlo, Belgium
De Rest 10-12, Schilde, Belgium
de Peuthystraat 7, Huldenberg, Belgium
"de Moeren", Zundert, Netherlands
de Merodestraat 42, Kortenberg, Belgium
De Hese 13, Kasterlee, Belgium
(De Hemel), Nijlen, Belgium
(De Hel), Nijlen, Belgium
De Doom 5, Heerlen, Netherlands
Daverlostraat 196, Brugge, Belgium
Dautenstraat 131, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Damstraat 4, Galmaarden, Belgium
Dammesteenweg 3, Damme, Belgium
Daalstraat 71, Affligem, Belgium
Cotthem 13, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
Cotthem 12, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
Commendries 17, Kortenaken, Belgium
Clevenstraat 2, Koekelare, Belgium
Cijnsmolenstraat 7, Ardooie, Belgium
Chêne-al’Pierre, Manhay, Belgium