Inventory bread ovens

The MOT offers an inventory of both surviving and sadly already wrecked bread ovens, and even new ones. This list can be updated with your help.

Do you know a bread oven somewhere, or do you know someone who has restored or constructed one? Please send us the address and pictures to

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Chemin du Moulin, Ohain, Belgium
Chemin du Moulin de Kerfres, Ergué-Gabéric, Bretagne, France
Chemin de Royenne, 82, Chaumont-Gistoux, Belgium
Cauwenbergstraat 4, Erpe-Mere, Belgium
Carrestraat 7, Koekelare, Belgium
Cannegatstraat 115, Aalter, Belgium
Canadese Fort Henry, Ontario, Canada
Canadaring 41, Brugge, Belgium
Callestraat 2, Laarne, Belgium
Calle Vieja del Castillo 23, Sagunto, Spain
Busschotstraat 127, Begijnendijk, Belgium
Burgstraat 23, Assenede, Belgium
Burght 1, Bever, Belgium
Burgemeester Van Cauwenberghestraat 45, Merelbeke, Belgium
Buntgrasstraat 13, Genk, Belgium
Bulsstraat 59, 59A, Alken, Belgium
Bulsstraat 116, Alken, Belgium
Brusselsesteenweg 182, Grimbergen, Belgium
Brunsting 4, Beilen, Netherlands
Brullenstraat 1, Zulte, Belgium
Bruisbeke 45, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Belgium
Brugstraat 73, Laarne, Belgium
Brugstraat 71, Aalter, Belgium
Bruggeneindse Heibaan, Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium
Brucqstraat 29, Zwevegem, Belgium
Broekstraat 7, Tielt-Winge, Belgium
Broeck 22, Bever, Belgium
Brink z.n., Emmen, Netherlands
Breucq 42, Ronse, Belgium
Breeweg 19, Oostkamp, Belgium
Bredestraat 149, Linter, Belgium
Brandstraat 5, Kruishoutem, Belgium
Brandstraat 16, Ruiselede, Belgium
Brandegems Ham 10, Merelbeke, Belgium
Brakelstraat 20, Brakel, Belgium
Brabantsebaan 405, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw
Bovenstraat 2, Maarkedal, Belgium
Boulevard du roi René z.n., Tarascon, France
Boterbergstraat 51, Kortenaken, Belgium
Boterbergsraat 11, Kortenaken, Belgium
Boststraat 67, Boutersem, Belgium
Boststraat 55, Boutersem, Belgium
Bosstraatje 9, Laarne, Belgium
Bosstraat 30, Nazareth, Belgium
Bosstraat 1, Putte, Belgium
Bosmolenstraat 5, Lendelede, Belgium
Borstekouterstraat 57, Zwalm, Belgium
Borstekouterstraat 49, Zwalm, Belgium
Bommelare 1, Knesselare, Belgium
Bollebeekstraat 2, Asse, Belgium