In this section we‘ve tried to provide a step-by-step plan to restore a two-part bakehouse, a type which is very common in Belgium. With a few small alterations you can also use this plan to restore a free-standing or an indoor oven.

Once you are familiar with the different components of a bread oven, you can examine your own oven to determine exactly what needs restoring.

First look at the condition of the oven vault and floor. After all, these are essential components for baking and they are the most difficult to restore. Their condition may determine whether or not you want to proceed with the restoration.

If you do decide to restore it and you know exactly what has to be done, you can proceed.

Restoration of the chimney

The funnel is always located above the oven mouth and runs into the flue. The chimney itself generally goes through the ridge of the bakehouse roof. In order to ensure a good draught, the chimney should not be too high (0.5 m above the ridge).