Fuse puller

ID 1174
MOT V 88.1637 L=114cm WD=17cm WT=4250gr. Inscription: P Fon 19803 15 kv.
MOT V 98.0004 a-b2 L=19cm WD=3,5cm WT=50gr
MOT V 99.0020 L=17,5cm WD=6cm WT=84gr. Inscription: LEMP 1000V Best No.217318.
MOT V 2002.0169 a-c3 L=18cm WD=7cm WT=90gr. Inscription: PP 2.
fuse tongs (syn.)

The electrician uses these safety fuse pliers to install and remove fuse cartridges. Depending on the type of cartridge - eg cylindrical cartridge, glass fuse CEHESS, etc. - and thus also on the number of volts, a different model of pliers is used.

The tool consists of a plastic, formerly Bakelite, pliers (approx. 20 cm) with rounded jaws. Sometimes a rubber sleeve is included for handling glass fuses.

For the cartridges of heavy fuses (up to 12000 V) formerly used in small processing plants (of eg lighting fixtures) a long (approx. 115 cm) (1) wooden tongs with porcelain insulators on the arms were used. The pliers may or may not be provided with a grounding in the form of a cable.

See also the key for safety fuse type DIAZED. [MOT]

(1) E & E: 353; mentions that these pliers come in two sizes and also shows another model.