Chestnut skin tongs

ID 488
MOT V 88.0620 a-b2 L=36cm WD=2cm WT=200gr
MOT V 2013.0022 L=52,5cm WD=11cm WT=742gr

After the husk and skin of the chestnut have been removed, the small membrane of the skin of the fruit must be detached. This can be done by pouring the fruits into a kettle of boiling water and making cutting and twisting movements with these chestnut skin tongs (1). Friction and heat loosen the membrane.

The chestnut fleece pliers consist of two approx. 35-60 cm long wooden rods that are connected approximately in the middle by a (copper) screw. The bars are square in section and have triangular notches on the four edges for a better grip on the chestnuts. The part of the bars that acts as a handle is square or round in cross section. [MOT]

(1) The proper name of these particular tongs in English is yet unknown.