Croquette press

ID 617
MOT V 90.0153 a-c3 L=30cm WD=13cm H=12,5cm WT=50gr. Inscription: Millecroquettes G. breveté.

Kitchen appliance with which you can press croquettes. It has a cylindrical or square, usually plastic housing with one or more tubular projections at the bottom and a rotating crank or rod that acts as a lever.

The croquette press is filled with mashed potatoes and with the help of the crank or rod a plate is pushed downwards, the mashed dough presses through the tubular projection. In this way a long sausage shape is formed, which is then cut into smaller pieces - the size of one croquette.

On some models there is a carrying board on wheels that is slid under the press and on which the pressed croquettes end up. [MOT]