Furrier's nail comb

ID 702
MOT V 97.0235 L=24cm WD=3cm WT=150gr. Inscription: 4.
re-nail comb (syn.)

Steel furrier comb with coarse teeth (approx. 1 cm long; approx. 2 mm wide) and a wooden handle. The comb is used to loosen the piece of skin that has been nailed to a wooden board to dry. Such a fur nail fits just between the teeth of the comb, so that the nail can be lifted out of the board. The point of the comb is kept flat on the board and with the right hand one makes an upward movement along the nails. The fur is prevented from being stretched by holding back the skin with the left hand when removing the nail.

See also the furrier's comb and seal comb. [MOT]