Match striker

ID 711
MOT V 2001.0353 H=9,5cm D=11cm WT=750gr
MOT V 2003.0022 H=9,5cm D=13cm WT=575gr. Inscription: W England image crown / coat of arms.

Stone pot (approx. 10 cm in diameter; approx. 10 cm high) in the shape of a truncated cone or sphere (approx. 7 cm in diameter), with a horizontally ribbed or rough outside along which a match is struck to make it catch fire (1).

At the top of the pot there is a cavity in which the matches are placed upright. A saucer (approx. 13 cm in diameter) has been placed under the convex ironing pot to place the burnt matches on. [MOT]

(1) That only works with old matches; today's safety matches will not catch fire if they are stroked over the ribs.