Emasculator (for piglet)


ID 799





MOT V 94.0491 L=18cm WD=4cm WT=177gr. Inscription: A 44.
castration scissors (syn.)

Piglets are usually neutered in their first three weeks of life. This is done in the following way: After an incision has been made in the scrotum with a scalpel - so that the testes are free to hang - the spermatic cord is twisted until it breaks. In young piglets this is done with the help of a few clamping pliers or even by hand.

On piglets of several months old, the spermatic cord is already relatively large and castration is done with an emasculator (1). One jaw is rectangular (approx. 5 cm by 1 cm) with an elongated cutout that has grooves on one side and a sharp cut on the other, the other jaw has a concave cut. The jaws can be screwed on using a clamping screw. After the incision, the spermatic cord is caught with the jaws, which are squeezed tightly and tightened with the clamping screw; The forceps are turned a few times until the spermatic cord breaks and then they are squeezed completely closed so that the testicle is cut off.

See also castration tongs. [MOT]