Asparagus cutter

ID 751
MOT V 94.0402 L=63cm WD=4,5cm WT=360gr
MOT V 2005.0156 L=40cm WD=5cm WT=206gr. Inscription: Hugo K├Âller Solingen.
MOT V 2009.0333 L=45cm WD=2,5cm WT=182gr. Inscription: M. BOTTE & FILS BRUGES.

MOT V 2014.0012 L=32cm WD=4cm WT=160gr. Inscription: Burgon & Ball Harvest Sheffield England

asparago knife (syn.)

White asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis Liliaceae, variety Ultilis) are harvested with an asparagus gouge or an asparagus cutter (approx. 60-70 cm long). The latter has a flat leaf that extends towards the end, a leaf with a bent - possibly toothed - tip or a semicircular leaf (approx. 10-12 cm long), which is attached with a long (approx. 40 cm) tang in a wooden handle; the point is sometimes knotted.

Asparagus is grown on high beds and is harvested just before the foliage comes to the surface, as when the head is exposed to light it quickly turns blue or green. With an asparagus gouge or knife it is possible to cut the stem close to the rhizome, without damaging these or not yet fully grown neighboring stems.

See also the weed digger. [MOT]