Band cutter


ID 739



MOT V 2000.0466 L=15,5cm WD=5cm WT=47gr. Inscription: MARTOR - Ruck Zuck No.55337 Solingen Germany.

Stock managers use the band cutter to easily open film-sealed pallets.

The plastic handle is quite thin (approx. 1 cm) and bends inwards at the end. The tip of the bent-in end is flat and pointed. The cutting part of the band cutter is a sturdy razor blade (approx. 2 by 4 cm) that is replaceable. It is securely clamped in the knife handle. The pointed tip of the band cutter is hooked behind the plastic foil, then the cutter is pulled in horizontal or vertical movement. This way plastic foils can be cut with ease. [MOT]