Barking shovel

ID 116
MOT V Dv 0099 L=40cm WD=13cm WT=1385gr. Inscription: 066.
MOT V Dv 0100 L=18cm D=6cm WT=1235gr
MOT V 2013.0114 L=110cm WD=13cm WT=2200gr
The barking shovel serves to cut off some strips of bark and the twigs of felled conifers.

The tree is on the ground, the lumberman puts the cut on the trunk, on the thick side, takes the handle or the globe in his right hand, the shaft in his left and pushes the tool forward. The sphere makes the tool heavier and provides a better grip. The shaft is about one meter long.

The barking shovel can be distinguished from the large barking iron and the bill hook.

The first has a blunt and much less broad blade. Its handling is different: the barking shovel slides along the trunk, the barking iron is pushed sideways between wood and bark. The bill hook has a shorter and less broad blade on a much longer shaft. [MOT]

MOT V 2013.0114