Board cutter

ID 1244
MOT V 2015.0222 L=18cm WD=8,5 H=9cm WT=658gr

The board cutter (1) is a hand tool for cutting softboard plates. The shape is reminiscent of a plane, but it is not one. In most models, a guide is provided in the center, in which a blade can be attached at an angle. A hollow space is provided for this purpose. The whole is fastened with lateral screws.

Board was a popular building material in the 1950s and 1960s and consists of sheets of pressed fibres, used, among other things, as ceiling panels. With a board cutter one could cut plates to size and cut a bevel to obtain a V-shape between two connected plates. [MOT]

(1) The proper name in English is yet unknown.

MOT V 2015.0222

MOT V 2015.0222

POLLING J.: Machines, gereedschappen en werktuigen in het bouwbedrijf, 1963: 16.