Boot jack

ID 667
MOT V 90.0302 L=24cm WD=5cm WT=210gr
MOT V 2005.0192 a-b2 L=32,8cm WD=11cm H=5cm WT=367gr. Inscription: BREVETÉ.
MOT V Dv 1464 L=19,7cm WD=9cm WT=200gr

The boot jack is a wooden or metal (now also plastic) tool for easy removal of boots.

Usually it consists of a fork-shaped branch or plank (approx. 25-30 cm by 10 cm). Underneath there is a cross wood or a metal support so that the fork or the notch is about 5 cm above the ground. The whole can also be made of metal.

The back of the one boot is inserted into the fork-shaped end and the other foot is placed on the board.

Another model consists of a plank into which an opening in the shape of a foot has been cut (1).

There is also a foldable model where the shelf is hinged in the middle so that it can be taken with you on a journey more easily.

The boot jack can be combined with a brush or a boot hook. [MOT]

(1) ARMINJON & BLONDEL: 336 write that this model can be provided with a hinged long handle that can be grasped as a support.