Briquette press

ID 1318

MOT V 93.0037 a-d4 L=39cm WD=13cm H=14,5cm WT=3200gr


The briquette press is a pair of tongs to compress paper pulp into rectangular briquettes, which serve as fuel for the fire.

Domestic models consist of a rectangular iron container, which is filled with cut paper and cardboard, which has been soaked in water. A matching iron grid is placed on it and pressed firmly by pressing a lever of two side brackets together. Once the briquette has been formed, it can be pushed out by hand from the bottom.

According to the same principle, there are also presses to compress sawdust and wood chips, for example. [MOT]

MOT V 93.0037 a-d4

MOT V 93.0037 a-d4