Cant hook


ID 63







MOT V 84.0291 L=99cm WD=25cm D=6,5cm WT=3900gr


peavey (syn.) (MERCER: 45)
The cant hook serves to turn logs, sometimes beams (cf. ring dog and sappie).

With a modern model, in particular the log jack (1), it is also possible to lift a trunk to cut it.

The tool consists of a wooden rod of about 1.20-1.75 m, to which a heavy metal hook is attached by means of a ring. That hook revolves around a spindle. The bottom end is studded with a metal plate or ends in a metal tip that allows the tool to be pushed (2). Holes are sometimes drilled in the hook; it is then fixed by means of a bolt and can be adjusted.

The cant hook is used like the ring dog except that the rod is attached to the ring. In general, two or three men work together. When working alone, sometimes two cant hooks are used that alternately roll the log further.

The cant hook is mainly used in the sawmill or at the warehouse. The lumberjack prefers the lighter ring dog. [MOT]

(1) FORBES 1961: 16.17; HUGGARD & OUWEN: fig. 2.7.

(2) The tool with point is called peavey in English. It is said to be of American origin (MERCER: 45) and is especially useful for the raftsman.

Cant hook MOT V 86.0359 L=155cm