Coffee mill


ID 580




MOT V 82.0042 a-c3 O L=16cm WD=15cm H=25,5cm WT=190gr. Inscription: En acier forgé qualité garantie.


MOT V 90.0160 L=21cm WD=16cm WT=750gr. Inscription: PEUGEOT FRÈRES.


MOT V 91.0740 L=38cm WD=14cm WT=3170gr. Inscription: Café.

Roasted coffee beans can be finely ground with a coffee mill. It has grooved, cast iron grinding discs, which are set in motion by means of a rotating crank. The grinding mechanism of most coffee mills can be adjusted from coarse to fine with an adjusting screw.

The coffee mill can have a square wooden housing with a rotating crank at the top and a drawer at the bottom where the ground coffee ends up (approx. 10-15 cm wide; approx. 20-26 cm high). The housing can also be cylindrical (approx. 8-10 cm in diameter; approx. 10-20 cm high) and made of metal. Another model is made of cast iron (approx. 12-27 cm wide; approx. 30-45 cm high) and is screwed to the edge of the table or counter. At the top there is a funnel where the coffee beans are placed; under the grinder there is a receptacle or a spout. In the latter case, a separate container must be placed underneath. The crank is located alongside. There is also a wall model.

The painter uses a similar tool to grind pigments. [MOT]