Diamond cleaver


ID 900



MOT V 92.0627 L=10,2cm WD=2,7cm WT=63gr. Inscription: FRIEDR.HERDER ABR.SOHN SOLINGEN-GERMANY image spades (card game).

The cleaver splits the diamond crystal with this knife. It is made of steel and can be of different sizes and weights. It is rectangular in shape, approx. 3 by 10 cm, and weighs approx. 70 gr. The blade should not be sharp as it should split and not cut.

Before splitting, a cut is made in the stone with a sharp diamond or laser. The notch must be V-shaped. Then the cleaver is placed against one of the sloping sides of the kerf. With the splitter hammer, an iron bar of 20 to 30 cm or a wooden hammer, you give a short blow to the cleaver to divide the stone into two pieces. The aim is to give the rough diamond a good shape, so that it can then be sawn and / or cut. [MOT]