Endive lifting fork

ID 192
MOT V 89.0545 L=70cm WD=12cm WT=750gr

MOT V 2012.0553 L=54cm WD=13cm WT=680gr


MOT V 2012.0554 L=60cm WD=16cm WT=838gr


The endive or chicory (Chicorium intybus L. var. Foliosum) can be harvested with the help of a spade, a fork or a plow (1), but also with a special tool, the endive  fork.

It has two short (approx. 25 cm) tines that are bent apart in the middle - the distance between the tines is approx. 2 cm - and which are attached to a short, wooden T (2) or D handle ( approx. 30 cm).

The endive lifting fork is put into the ground behind the plant. By pushing the stem of the fork backwards, the root of the plant can easily be pulled out of the ground.

See also the beet lifting fork, endive harvesting fork. [MOT]

(1) SIMON: 13.

(2) Sometimes the stem does not protrude in the middle of the handle (see MOT V 2012.0554).

MOT V 89.0545

Endive lifting fork MOT V 2012.0553