Fudge wheel

ID 665
MOT V 84.0027 L=17cm WD=3cm WT=76gr. Inscription: L. RICHTER & SON 12.
MOT V 84.0376 L=14,5cm WD=3cm. Inscription: E. EGGENSCHWILER 5

The fudge wheel has a grooved metal wheel (approx. 1.5-2 cm diameter) that is attached to a metal, sometimes slightly curved shaft, which is provided with a wooden handle. The total length is approximately 14-18 cm and the wheel has 3 to 7 grooves per centimeter.

The shoemaker uses the fudge wheel to imitate a hand sewn seam on the top edge of the shoe sole or to secure the stitches on that edge; it is always heated before use.

There are also fudge wheels with interchangeable wheels. The wooden handle is usually hollow and can be unscrewed so that the wheels can be stored in it. The wheel itself is held in place by a movable hook that closes around the axis. [MOT]

MOT V 84.0376