Fur plier


MOT V 91.0406




MOT V 91.0406 L=31cm WD=5cm WT=500gr


furrier's pincer (syn.) (SALAMAN 1986: 208)

Tongs (approx. 20-30 cm long) with long (approx. 8-10 cm), flat, transversely grooved jaws, one of which is shaded on the outside. Usually one arm is straight and the other bent. The furrier uses the tongs to smooth and nail the fur to let it dry. She is held in the right hand while the fur is put on with the left hand; then it is grasped by the edge with the pliers and a nail is placed on it, which is driven into the board by gently tapping it with the shaded underside of the jaw.

See also these frame-maker's plier and upholsterer's pliers. [MOT]