Hand cultivator

ID 829
MOT V 82.0752 L=165cm L(working part)=31cm WD=25cm WT=1460gr
MOT V 2001.0229 L150cm L(working part)=18cm WD=12,4cm WT=1000gr
garden cultivator (syn.) (SELLENS: 190)

Garden tool consisting of a usually 130-150 cm long (1) wooden handle with three to five - but always in an odd number - curved iron teeth for opening and turning the soil. The working part (approx. 10 to 25 cm wide) can be fixed or exchangeable. In the latter case, you can choose the number of teeth. The tips of the teeth are oval or triangular flattened.

In contrast to the garden hoe, with the hand cultivator the solid underlying soil, with the sharp flat points and by its pulling movement, is slightly raised and opened up. The middle tines of a hand cultivator are slightly shorter so that the soil clod can be crumbled.

To be distinguished from the grubber, which is narrower and mainly serves to break the ground superficially.

See also the manual towed hand cultivator and hand wheel hoe. [MOT]