Hand harrow


ID 969




MOT V 95.0058 a-c3 L=135cm WD=105cm WT=9500gr

The hand harrow is a small harrow that is pulled by one worker to loosen, crumble and flatten the top layer of digged or plowed soil. It is also used to work fertilizers and seeds into the soil.

The hand harrow consists of a wooden or iron, usually triangular, frame in which wooden or iron round, square or diamond-shaped teeth (approx. 12-16 cm) protrude at an angle. Sometimes the distance between the teeth is adjustable (1). Depending on the slope and the direction of pull, the tines penetrate 1 to 7 cm deep into the soil. The pull rope is attached to one corner of the frame. It is pulled by means of a cross stick or a shoulder strap (2).

See also soil rake, rotary tiller (hand) and hoe with rake. [MOT]

(1) Eg. Manufrance: 697.

(2) Eg. Manufrance: 697.