Hoof tester


ID 521



MOT V 94.0492 L=30cm WD=9,5cm WT=400gr. Inscription: VC 380.

Pliers with which the farrier examines sick, painful hooves. Pain can arise in the hoof because changes in shape of the horny parts exert a pressure on the parts located therein and because internal parts of the hoof are swollen and therefore exert direct pressure on the nerves of the hoof.

The hoof tester is a fairly large pair of tongs (approx. 30-40 cm long) with a jaw that can open wide so that the hoof can between them. The jaws are rectangular or round in cross section and have studs on the end. The different parts of the hoof are pinched with the forceps; Based on the reaction of the horse, one can determine the painful place. [MOT]