Lawn aerator (roller)

ID 967
MOT V 86.0381 L=135cm WD=42cm WT=4200gr. Inscription: Tuincentrum Arfaflora Schellebelle Tel. 09/69 09 73.
spike aerator (syn.)
spiked roller (syn.) (HUXLEY: 290)

A lawn that is frequently used remains a beautiful green if it is cultivated with a lawn aerator. By preventing compaction of the soil, enough air, water and fertilizers are admitted to the roots.

There are various means of aerating the lawn. One model of lawn aerator consists of two wheels that are connected to each other by 6 rods (approx. 35 cm), fitted with iron pins (approx. 8 cm; diam. 0.6 cm), and a bracket with protective cover and stem (approx. 100 cm). When the implement is pushed over the lawn, the pins - every 5-10 cm - end up in the ground at an angle of about 30 ° and are a suspension system put back in place. Another model is simply a spiked wooden roll that is a bracket is attached to a wooden shaft (1).

For a small lawn you can also use aerator shoes.

It is even more labor-intensive if you use a lawn aerator (spike). The tool - resembling a dibble - is provided with 2 to 4 conical or hollow cylindrical teeth (length approx. 5-10 cm; diam. Approx. 1 cm), which can be moved by means of presses the body weight into the earth. With the cone-shaped teeth, the earth is pushed aside while with the hollow tubes the earth, together with the working part, is removed from the ground.

See also the lawn comb. [MOT]

(1) Eg. PELLERIN: 146.