Marble pincers


ID 1033



MOT V 2001.0036 L=40cm WD=17cm WT=2200gr


Marble pinchers (1) are used by the marble worker to pinch off pieces of marble slabs (up to 3 cm thick) (2). The irregularities are then removed with the flat chisel.

The marble pinchers consist of two wide (approx. 3 cm) jaws with a sharp cut parallel to each other and at right angles to the plane of the tool. The opening between the two jaws can be adjusted by adjusting screws from about 0.5 cm to about 3 cm. The arms consist of double levers.

See also tongs for roof tiles and tile cutter pliers. [MOT]

(1) proper name unknown.

(2) a pitcher is used with hard stones and marble slabs thicker than 3 cm to knock off the excess stone with the help of a stonemason's hammer.