Peat spade

ID 958
MOT V 89.0239 L=114cm WD=20cm WT=1600gr
MOT V 89.0241 L=143cm WD=24cm WT=1250gr

After the field has been mowed with the peat scythe or toothed sickle and the turf removed with the paring spade, the peat-cutter uses the peat spade to cut peat, which after drying is used as fuel or fertilizer.

It is an iron blade spade (approx. 15 x 20 cm), with one or two raised edges, which is slightly curved (approx. 10-25 °) in relation to a knob or T-handle (75-120 cm) ). The cut of the blade can be straight or pointed and, like the spade, is inserted vertically (1) (approx. 20-25 cm) into the ground. The result is a clod in the shape of a parallelepiped (approx. 20 x 15 x 10 cm). The raised edges serve, in addition to cutting the peat, to keep the clod together. [MOT]

(1) A spade is used to cut peat horizontally. (HOVE: 23; BORCHGREVINK: 70).