Pointing sword (bricklayer)

ID 1245
MOT V 2015.0181 L=165cm WD=14cm WT=2600gr
filling trowel (syn.) (VAN HOUCKE: 423)

The pointing sword (1) is a stonemason's hand tool that was used when placing large blocks of natural stone. These blocks are not placed in mortar like bricks, they are placed on wooden blocks after which the mortar is applied between the stone blocks using this tool (2). The vertical joints are also filled in this way. The large notches on both sides therefore serve to push the mortar forward between the stone blocks.

The thin metal blade can be attached in line with the wooden straight handle or form an angle with it. The blade is doubly serrated in shape, with large notches facing forward. The length of the joint sword depends on the dimensions of the masonry that you want to build with it.

The pointing sword is similar to the slate ripper but the blade is thinner, the notches are directed forward and the handle does not end in a hook. [MOT]

(1) Translation of 'voegzwaard' in Dutch. The proper name in English is yet unknown.

(2) Trade catalogue MM. Civet, Crouet, Gautier & Co: Exploitation de carrières de pierres de taille, moellons & meulières, 1889: 88-94.

MOT V 2015.0181

(Trade catalogue MM. Civet, Crouet, Gautier & Co: 92)

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