Rag wringer

ID 680
MOT V 92.0015 L=22cm WD=19cm H=56cm WT=4000gr. Inscription: Vermop presse 2.

MOT V 90.1268 L=28,5cm WD=21cm H=26cm


MOT V 2019.0439 H=28cm D=29cm WT=2175gr. Inscription: 1122 WHEELING Corrugating Company W.V.A. USA No 412 DURA-ZINC-ALLOY Wheeling exclusive longer life coating

mop wringer (syn.)

The rag wringer is a device or hand tool with which you can easily wring out a mop.

One model is a perforated metal container (approx. 20 cm wide; approx. 35 cm high) with a handle that can be hung over the edge of a bucket. The wet mop is put in and the lever is pushed down; two sturdy plastic parts now move down and squeeze the water out of the mop.

A hanging model with wooden rollers is hooked around a bucket. By pressing the handle down, a roller on wheels moves towards a fixed roller to squeeze the water out of the mop. A model of similar construction is built into a bucket and is foot operated with a pedal. [MOT]

MOT V 92.0015

MOT V 90.1268

MOT V 2019.0439