Sausage stuffer

ID 508
MOT V 94.0187 a-b2 L=47cm WD=28cm WT=1300gr

The butcher makes sausages with a sausage stuffer.

It consists of a metal cylinder with a narrow tube at the bottom, in the middle two handles opposite each other and an accompanying wooden pestle (piston) with crank. Finely chopped meat, mixed with fat, bread, spices, etc., is placed in the cylinder and pushed through the restriction with the pestle. The handles are held with both hands, while the crutch is held against the stomach. A well-cleaned intestine, hung over the tube, becomes filled with the meat.

The butcher can also use a simple sausage stuffer horn through which the meat is pushed with the thumb or use the heavier sausage filler, driven with a crank. [MOT]