Vegetable chopper

ID 550
MOT V 89.0534 L=20cm WD=9cm WT=100gr. Inscription: Sky-line made in England.
MOT V 96.0066 L=18cm D=9cm WT=158gr. Inscription: Swiss made susi-matic patent applied.
nut chopper (syn.) (CAMPBELL FRANKLIN: 155)

With a vegetable chopper you can chop vegetables into fine pieces. It may consist of a plastic cylindrical frame, in which there is a zigzag curved cutting blade, and a rod with a spring around it and a flat plastic handle. The plastic cylinder is placed over the vegetable, which has already been cut into pieces, and the spring rod is pushed down forcefully several times. The cutting blade moves up and down and rotates so that the vegetables are chopped into fine pieces. This model is mainly used for cutting onions. See also the onion handle.

Another model consists of three elongated (approx. 10 cm) blades at some distance from each other, which are attached at right angles to a metal intermediate piece that extends perpendicularly into a wooden handle. The blade in the middle is lower than the other two and a spring is wrapped around the spacer. When you push the handle down, the spring is tensioned and the two outer blades move down. By moving up and down again and again, the vegetables are finely chopped.

See also the chopping knife, mincing knife and roller-mincer. [MOT]

MOT V 96.0066